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Before You Begin: Submission Instructions

KidneyX Artificial Kidney Prize Phase 2 Track 2

Track Two

For Track Two, KidneyX solicits innovative applications of regenerative medicine, cellular engineering, tissue engineering, systems biology, and synthetic biology in the development of enabling tools that accelerate the commercialization of artificial kidney platforms.

Before you begin please review the Announcement of Requirements and Registration in its entirety.


    Please ensure that this application is for track two.

    Step 1: Complete all the fields* as well as the submission title and category.

    Step 2: Enter the information for your affiliates (co-submitter's) or anyone you would like to give credit to for this submission.

    Step 3: Upload an abstract of your idea, no more than 825 words that is publicly shareable and stripped of all confidential/proprietary information.

    Step 4: Upload the remainder of your proposal. You may submit as a word document or PDF. No template is needed.

    Step 5: Upload any supporting documents as a word document or PDF. If you wish to include a video or images, please submit a word document or PDF that contains a link to the video. The system will not accept video files.

    *Contact information will not be used for any purposes other than KidneyX communications

    Submission Steps

    • Step 1: Applicant Information and Submission Title, Category
    • Step 2: Affiliate Names, Organizations
    • Step 3: Upload Your Abstract File
    • Step 4: Upload Your Proposal File
    • Step 5: Upload Your Supporting Documents